Your Event Strategy, LLC

About Your Event Strategy, LLC

Whether you are looking to build your own event, monetize online content, need appointment setters or lead generation for your salesforce, YES will give you the best ROI. YES Consultants can help you with your marketing, content and sales strategy. YES is a network of senior event, marketing and content professionals with international experience in event contract negotiation, logistics, program management and sales & marketing.
We’re kind of like event ninjas. YES stays in the shadows working to make sure your event is developed, marketed and executed perfectly. Your customers won’t know we are there, but you will benefit from increased sales and lower overhead. YES equals better ROI.
With offices in Miami, Florida, Montego Bay, Jamaica and San Jose, Costa Rica, YES can offer support in English or Spanish for events in North America, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. No matter what industry or topic, we have specialists that can handle the project.

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